Mapping a Vision for San Juan County

A critical component of the visioning process is public input. Below is a public comment tool that allows people to submit their ideas about what San Juan County could and should be. Using categorized pins, you can assign your comments and ideas to specific locations within the county. All comments are visible on the site, so you can also see what other residents are saying.

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Zoom in and pan left, right, up, or down to explore the map. Click on the map icons to open and read individual comments.

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Select Add Your Own Marker below to submit your comments and ideas. Click a location on the map to select the area that your comment pertains to. Use the drop-down menu in the pop-up box that will appear to help organize your idea or insight by topic. Be sure to click "submit" when finished!

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Housing Housing includes: preferred types, location, style, appearance, etc.
Economics Economics include services, businesses, and supporting infrastructure.
Natural Resources This includes agriculture, forestry, and mining.
Capital Facilities/ Public Services This includes education, emergency services, waste management and more.
Transportation This includes transit, biking, walking, car pool, and single occupant vehicles.
Land Use This includes building height, density, and appearance.
General What other issues or opportunities do you see?